Collecting Artefacts

Posted: June 15, 2010 by Sarah in Lesson Plans, Outreach, under fifteen
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In preparation for the Zombie take-over, we have been collecting artifacts to keep us safe, to remind us of how the world use to be or for scientific and historical keep-sake.

Here is how you can prepare your community group for the Zombie/Alien epidemic…

What you will need: Sticky labels, markers, camera or video camera.

Task: Ask your participants to explore the room, space or building and choose 6 – 7 objects that they think will be useful when the world is over run by Zombies. This could be a beloved book, a light source, a bottle of water etc.

What next: Take photos and upload them to the blog or make a series of video diaries where your participants explain why they have chosen particular artifacts and how the items might be useful in the current Zombie climate.

Here are some important artifacts collected by young people from Riverwood Community Centre…


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