Into Great Silence

Posted: June 28, 2010 by shopfrontcontemporaryarts in under fifteen
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[interview resumed at 5.45pm, 28th July.]
One morning…I think it was a Tuesday, I woke up and there was silence. Complete silence. Anyone who’s ever lived on a farm can tell you what a weird thing that’d be.
Even the birds had stopped singing.
It was like a huge bubble had fallen upon the property and that every living thing somehow felt it. Something was wrong. My Dad, who had risen with the sun for the last forty-five years was still holed up in his bedroom.
Sorry…just give me a moment.
I took a walk around the property and with every step I took it felt like I was going to fall down some cliff and never be able to get back up again. I was drawn to the chicken coop, where the silence was meanest of all.
They were all dead, I knew it before I opened the hatch. When I saw inside, it was like…it was like I was the first person in the world to realise how it was all going to end.
You, me, my Dad, the farm.
Charlie Bates, farmer.

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