Arts Intervention in the Post-Dead World

Posted: July 8, 2010 by shopfrontcontemporaryarts in Lesson Plans, Outreach
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The Z Harmony Initiative: Educational Resources in the Post-Dead Environment

[In the school yard. An arts-workers observations ]

“Arts interventions with young people in the post-dead world is of the utmost importance. They need a platform to express their observations, ideas and experiences in this transitioning environment”

Case study workshops are currently being conducted at partner school Fairfield Intensive English Centre. This is a pilot arts program that will be implemented state-wide over the coming months as part of the Z Harmony Scheme.  In the examples below, students combined text, illustration and photography to express their experiences with the undead and the unidentified alien species.

Lesson Recommendation: Tell an everyday journey. Now retell that same story but add a zombie or an alien. Draw your story as a comic strip or take photos/Polaroids and draw that journey around them. Add one line from your story at that bottom of your image.

  1. Liza says:

    My boyfriend is scary too!

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