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Posted: July 8, 2010 by Sarah in Lesson Plans, Outreach, under fifteen
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The Z Harmony Initiative: Educational Resources in the Post-Dead Environment

[An English Teacher, Sutherland Shire NSW]

“My students at Gymea Technical High School have been creating flipbook animations to explain their experiences. Some of them are a little out there – but I guess in the current environment – who am I to judge what’s real and what’s make-believe?”

The Z Harmony Initiative is currently conducting interviews and research with schools and educational facilities to better understand and engage new ways of educating young people in the post-dead world. One strategy that we have identified as being highly effective, is providing students creative ways to share their experiences and ideas and give them a forum to speak about the epidemic.

Lesson Recommendation: Make an Alien flipbook by drawing on a moment from your life when you felt like an alien. Draw your images on post-it notes or the corner of an old text book. Film the book while flipping through or scan into your computer to edit together.

  1. Randall says:

    That’s awesome!

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