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All excerpts from “Reconsidering Death: A Brief History of the Zombie Phenomenon” provided courtesy of author Dr. Jeremy Tuckwell. All rights reserved.

…After scientists concluded that the initial spread of the poultry “zombie” virus was too widespread to contain through established quarantine measures, much of the fertile farming land in New South Wales was destroyed. International attention was suddenly transfixed upon the situation and all exports were halted.

Panic broke out in the capital cities as images came through of the decimated Australian countryside.

The Western suburbs of Sydney struggled to provide shelter for the influx of internally displaced people and checkpoints were established on the major highways to regulate the flow of the population. Tempers rose as rumours of a similar outbreak in Mexico were found to be a hoax.

Within days the Internet was awash with fake reports and video content from across the world.

The world stopped laughing when the first reports of a human infection were confirmed in December of 2010 by the Australian government.


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