Deep red through the clouds

Posted: July 22, 2010 by shopfrontcontemporaryarts in under fifteen
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[interview conducted with internally-displaced citizen (designate #48761986: “Madeleine Lee”) at Parramatta Emergency Processing Centre]

My family were in our car driving to our Auntie’s house in Sydenham. I was happy to be going there because it reminded me of Christmas.

Every now and then my Mum would start crying, just very softly.

I asked her what was wrong and my Dad put his hand on her shoulder. She just wiped her eyes and kept looking out the window.

I remember there were cars everywhere.

The traffic was moving so slowly on the highway that Dad turned the car off and we just sat there. There were boys and girls running around on the side of the road, but Mum said we couldn’t. My brother was playing on his DS, but I just sat there and thought about home.

Ash was falling from the sky and the sun was glowing deep red through the clouds.

Internally-displaced citizen (designate #48761986: “Madeleine Lee”).



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