Harmony Reclaimed

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All excerpts from “Reconsidering Death: A Brief History of the Zombie Phenomenon” provided courtesy of author Dr. Jeremy Tuckwell. All rights reserved.

On the 2nd of December, The Harmony Institute is established by the Federal Government under the custodianship of Dr. Jeremy Tuckwell, a newly-formed team of leading scientists, social psychologists and policy-makers from around the world is gathered and enticed by the Federal Government’s new initiative. The institute is to be based in the South of Sydney.

The following day, the government issues thorough documentation of the affects of the disease on the human body and the process by which patients regain consciousness. The government’s efforts are a strategic attempt to restore faith in the general public and allow the population to regain some form of normalcy.

There are no new cases of the disease and most reports advise that the contagion and virus are no match for the robust human immune system.

Six weeks after the initial outbreak, scientists across the world agree that the virus has been eradicated. Although some health organisations advise caution most, including the World Health Organisation, give the general public of Australia the green light to resume life as normal.

Later, representatives from major health organizations meet to discuss any further impact the disease could have in the wider community. Australia’s Chief Scientist Robert Boyd addresses the conference with a message of stability and encouragement. “I see no reason why people should not go about their business. This disease has been eradicated naturally,” he states before a packed press conference following the first day of proceedings.

Scientists are still unable to locate the virus within the human bloodstream, nor do they have any information about how it is transmitted.

Months later, and all levels of the Australian government still promote a message of ‘business as usual’ as they desperately try to reinvigorate the stagnated economy. Unemployment is at twenty one percent – its highest level since the great depression. Conservative estimates state the threat of the disease cost Australia two and a half billion dollars.

With the fear of transmission waning throughout the country more health information is released to the public about the nature and symptoms of the disease. A short instructional video is prepared by leading science organisations about the changes to the human body along with footage from the initial patients.

Hospitals and general practices remain on high alert for specific symptoms.


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